Our Main Products

Polyretec is grown up to high-tech group cooperation that specialized in R&D and manufacturing of the industrial machinery for plastic recycling. We offer recycling equipment fit for large-scale, large-volume recycling of post-consumer, post-commercial, and post-industrial plastic scrap.

Recycling Plastic Waste

into Value

Polyretec aims to provide excellent waste plastic recycling machines and the value to our customer. POLYTEC recycling machines are built to recycle the waste generated by plastics processing companies and give the plastics a “second chance“ at the end of their product life cycle.

Let us make the world better together!


Why Polyretec?

  1. Over 15 years experience in research and development, production and commissioning plastic recycling machine.
  2. Austria tech and made in China Specialized in plastic washing and pelletizing.
  3. The patented horizontal water-ring pelletizing system can cut pure PP non-woven fabric with melt index ≤20. Automatic working, save labour.



Our Customers Enjoy

Customer's Satisfaction is always our pursuit

Since the day of establishing, Polytec focus on developing plastic recycling and solution. With the efforts of a group of experienced experts in plastic industry, Polytec has successfully developed various products to meet the market, like “water free waste plastic recycling system”, etc. Polytec also has got more than 20 patents for its new products. Till now, there are more than 200 lines running in customers in China and abroad