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Polyretec PC bucket barrel crushing washing line

Issuing time:2022-02-21 20:18

Basic description:

PC disc off-paint recycling water washing equipment PC water dispenser bucket off-paint recycling equipment PC disc depaint crushing cleaning machine PC disc depaint washing production line waste disc recycling treatment waste disc depaint recycling processing pipeline equipment PC disc material crushing cleaning processing equipment disc material depaint production process CD disc depaint machine VCD disc regeneration processing equipment DVD depaint ink uncoating equipment

product presentation:
This set of cleaning and recycling production line is mainly used in the recycling and processing of waste PC disc material, for the paint, ink, electroplating layer on the disc / disc / PC bucket, which is treated into transparent and clean PC fragments.From the aspects of energy conservation and environmental protection for users, using different scheme processes, suitable for the recycling of different waste plastics.Provide supporting sorting and conveyor belt, optical disc crusher, strong friction machine, bleach separator, high temperature soaking pot, medicine separator, bleach separator, dehydration dryer and medicine filtration and recycling treatment equipment.

size of product:
The whole equipment has a high degree of automation, low power consumption, and high output (the equipment output is 500KG- -5000KG / h), and the cleaning material is also clean.All equipment is CE certified, and different combinations can be selected according to the type of raw materials and finished product cleaning quality requirements to meet the needs of different users.
The company has been engaged in waste plastic cleaning and recycling equipment for more than 20 years, and we can design different cleaning schemes, cleaning process, recycling planning and site planning according to your different requirements.Return on investment benefits you with our expertise.





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