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PVC Pelletizing Line

PVC Pelletizing Line

  • Name: PVC Pelletizing Line

  • Raw materials: PVC transparent soft material, PVC transparent hard material

  • Usage method:

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01Product profile

Twin-screw Pelletizing Line 80 Conical Twin-screw Pelletizing Line is independently developed by us. PVC transparent soft material, PVC transparent rigid material, PVC Plastic Calcium Pelletizing Line, PVC cable pelletizing capacity 330kg,


The line include:

1.SJSZ80 / 156 Conical Twin-screw Extruder 1 set

2. Harvard Manual Quick Change Net Hot Cutting Machine Head 1 set

3. Stainless Steel Three-stage Blowing Cooling Unloading Device 1 set

4. SHR-300/600 High-cooling mixing unit 1 set

Ⅰ) PVC Twin-screw Pelletizing Line 80 Conical Twin-screw Pelletizing Line’s configuration and requirements: Main unit SJSZ80 / 156 conical twin-screw Extruder rack with high-quality steel and high-strength sheet welding. Gearbox adopts rugged tooth surface Gear gears. In the hollow shaft output, there is a super-specific thrust bearing, withstand the rear thrust of the screw. The main standards such as bearing and oil seal use domestic quality products, high load capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, efficiency High, deceleration: 39: 1, input power: 55KW, using domestic high-quality Frequency Converter to convert speed, long-time load operation reliable stability, Oil Immersion Lubrication System Cartridge and Screw Barrel and Screw material are 38CrMoAlA high-quality nitride steel.

Nitrogen layer depth: 0.6-0.8mm

Nitrogen hardness: Screw 8560HV

Bottle 930HV

Screw Diameter: Small Head 80mm, Big Head 156mm

Heating System(Heater)

A. The barrel uses 4 sets of heaters; the machine head is separately equipped with 6 zones heaters

B. Heating Voltage:3-AC3800V,50HZ,

C.The Heater is covered with a stainless steel safety cover


Cooling device:

A.The Cylinder was cooled with three sets of centrifugal fans, 320W / zone

B.Wind Turbine power: 3-AC380V, 50Hz


Main Motor

A.Motor power:55KW

B.Install the motor and the main machine together

C.Power supply:3-AC380V,50HZ

D.Motor synchronous rotary speed 1500rpm

Quantitative feeding device and hopper:

A.Stainless steel round hopper

B.Quantitative feed mode: Screw Quantitative Feeding

C.Quantitative feed speed: 1.5KW variable frequency speed

Machine head connection flange:

A.Forged 45 # Steel processing liner plated with hard chrome, connected with the hexagonal bolt

B.Black Surface treatment

Electrical Control Cabinet

A. Power supply:3-AC380V,50HZ

B.Frequency Converter: Shenzhen brand optional

C.Temperature control :Zone 8,Digital Temperature Controller

D.Independent Electric Control Cabinet

Ⅱ) Harvard Manual Quick Change Net Hot Cutting Machine Head

a.Filter plate diameter:100mm

b. Filter plate locking method: Harvard lock

c.Single skilled network time: 60seconds

d.Diameter of the discharge plate:2.8mm

e.Granulator Motor Power:750w

f. Granulation rotary speed and speed range;0—600r/min

Ⅲ) Stainless Steel Three-stage Cooling Air Delivery Device       

a.First level silo diameter:500mm

b.Second level silo diameter:500mm

c.Third level silo (equipped with Discharge Valve) diameter:700mm   

d.Stainless Steel Air Duct diameter:110mm

e.High-pressure Fan Motor power:1.5Kw

f.Pellets final cooling temperature;40—65 degrees



High security protection: ensure the security of personnel and equipment

Emergency protection (to stop the equipment during emergency)

Limit switch

Protective cover

High-speed transmission warning (yellow painting sign)


Lower energy consumption and higher production

Rely on a special-design control program and process monitor to achieve lower energy consumption.

Higher production is obtained under the same equipment specification, increasing output, reducing energy consumption.


One-stop service

Provide a complete set of solutions: factory design, equipment and auxiliary machine, fast response service system (online + underline)


Intelligent control

HMI PLC control:Ergonomic touch screen, easy operation, high stability and low maintenance cost.

Process formula memory: According to the formulation and logic of different materials to set parameters, it can easily load the saved process formula from the formula storage system, to make the process simpler.

Remote diagnosis and data transfer: Combined with Bluetooth and modules, realize remote data transfer and monitor, fast diagnosis.

Preheating: Preheat the equipment in advance according to the formula, to save labor.

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