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Smart recycling   High value plastics

Suzhou Polytec Machine Co Ltd is a high-tech group cooperative enterprise integrating r&d and manufacturing of plastic recycling industrial machinery.We provide recycling equipment suitable for large-scale, large-scale recycling of post-consumption, post-commercial and post-industrial plastic waste.

ABS/PS Shell Crushing Washing
Production Line

Used for processing various kinds of television shells, computer shells, refrigerator shells ...

HDPE bottle washing recycling line

Widely used to treat all kinds of HDPE waste plastics. The processed HDPE can be used...

PP woven bag BOPP CPP film
pelletizing line

Widely used in recycling waste PP woven bags, non-woven fabrics into PP particles, with high efficiency...

Focusing on the research and development, processing, manufacturing and sales of waste plastic recycling granulation equipment for 15 years; Austrian technology, made in China; Serving 30 countries and regions;Sample works are available for Tours
Has more than 10 years of experience in research and development technology
It has more than 200 production lines at home and abroad
Has obtained more than 20 product patents
It serves customers in more than 30 countries
A professional manufacturer of waste plastic recycling machinery integrating Austrian technology
Through the stable and energy-saving shredding, crushing, cleaning and granulator system, waste plastic into resources, with high-quality solutions and professional technology and after-sales service
With over 15 years of experience in machine development/manufacturing and testing,
our machines can meet CE/UL/ISO standards
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Consumers are demanding that manufacturers take action to tackle plastic pollution
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